S09E08: Return to Layoffs

Group Quest
Group Quest
S09E08: Return to Layoffs


Gulvan and Joe discuss FF7 Rebirth, EA/Sony Layoffs, Hell Divers 2, and Nintendo going after emulator maker.

FF7 Rebirth Launches
Sony Studio Firesprite shedding talent due to toxic culture
Toys for Bob Separating from Activision/Blizzard” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>going independent
Embracer Group to Sell Star Wars KOTOR Developer Saber
Embracer Group close to selling Gearbox
GTA6 Final Stages forces RTO
Nintendo Sues Switch Emulator Yuzu

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Sony Interactive Cutting 900 Jobs – closes london studios
Horizon Forbidden west Developer hit with layoffs
EA to layoff 5% of company, Star Wars FPS project canceled
Narrative Studio Lays off 20%
Star Citizen Dev hit with layoffs
Helldivers 2 Dev Dungeon master
Playable mech coming to Helldivers 2

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Octopath Pulled from Nintendo Store but coming back soon
Open World Terminator Survivors early access in October
Viking Survival Getting Closed Beta in April
Newstower Early Access 1930s Newspaper
Games Done Quick Charity Event this weekend
Best FF7 Rebirth Deals


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