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The memorial episode of Group Quest will be recorded on July 18th, and we will stream it on Twitch. If you would like to share some thoughts on our friend’s passing, please email audio recordings to medros@allthingsazeroth.com so we may play them on this episode. Thank you.

We here at Group Quest and the entire Dawnforge family are unspeakably sad to announce the passing of the leader of the show and host, Hasteur. Hasteur posted on his Facebook on June 29th that he had gotten a presumptive positive for Covid-19, and on July 4th, his brother announced on Facebook that he had passed away.

We are all distraught and saddened by the loss of Hasteur, who was a pillar of this show, and a stalwart figure in the community, helping and supporting many other content creators, attended live shows of many productions, and was always happy to help a fellow content creator with advice and technical help.

Hasteur was a proud Warlock, and even recently was spending time preparing his characters for their journey into the Shadowlands. If you listen to recent episodes of the show, you’ll know Hasteur was excited for this new expansion, and we are distraught that he will not have the chance to see the new areas that Blizzard has been working on.

Regarding the show, it has been decided that Joe and Gulvan will continue. We are in the planning stages of a memorial episode for Hasteur, and would love to hear your words, memories, and more about Hasteur, and his impact on you as players, content creator, and listener of the show.

At the direction of Hasteur’s family, they have asked that his friends and those who knew him support his favorite organization, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and we would echo that request. Hasteur, some of you will know, was a strong believer in our rights in the digital spaces we exist in, and would no doubt want us all to send our thoughts in the form of such a contribution to the EFF in the name Stephen Lecheler. (For those who have donated, please email the EFF to advise it’s in his honor)

Thank you for the outpouring of support on Twitter and for all of the kind words and memories about our friend Stephen “Hasteur” Lecheler. Rest In Peace, Hasteur.

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2 Responses to About our friend Hasteur

  1. Corgi says:

    My profound sympathies for his family, both Terran and Azerothian.

  2. Fondre says:

    This is awful news about a great human being. I, like many, was fortunate to meet Hasteur at BlizzCon. I was extra fortunate though that he lived a short drive to Dallas where me and my wife enjoyed Hasteur’s company quite a few times.

    I’ll always remember him as a good, kind and generous person with a willingness to share his huge depth of knowledge on all things Warcraft.

    I was lucky to be invited by Hasteur to be a guest on Group Quest in 2012. It was a great experience and only happened because Hasteur saw it as an opportunity to help my fledgling podcast. Hasteur didn’t see the community as just a platform to use for self aggrandizing but as one to lift, inform and support those around him.

    My condolences to his family, Group Quest, friends and his fans, he will be missed.

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