S08E35: XBOX got that Booty

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E35: XBOX got that Booty


Gulvan and Joe discuss the XBOX Gaming resuffle, Blizzcon schedule and predictions, new Smash rules, and XBOX Partner Recap.

Sarah Bond Promoted to XBOX leadership
Blizzcon Schedule
Blizzcon Store
Free Diablo 4 Trial This weekend
Spiderman 2 Fastest Playstation Game
Wolverine Game Set in Same Universe as Marvels Spiderman
RE4 & SF6 5.5m/2.5m sales

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New Smash Tournament Guidlines
FF14 x Diablo 4 a potential reality?
Hands on FF7 Rebirth
New PS5 Slims detachable harddrive has a catch
XBOX Partner Preview Recap
Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster launches 2/24
Manor Lords April 2024, day one game pass
Ubisoft Skull & Bones Delayed again

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Fast VPN Lifetime Subscription
Someone is beating Tears of the kingdom with an ocarina controller
City Skylines 2 Performance not caused by in-game teeth
Robert Pattison’s Batsuit briefly makes an appearance


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