S08E18: The Start of Not E3

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E18: The Start of Not E3


Gulvan and Joe discuss the Sony Playstation Showcase, Xbox’s reaction & Gamefest, Microsft appeals CMA decision, Diablo 4 launch schedule, and a John Wick Game?

Everything playstation showcase
The playlist
The showcase
Sony Says it sold 600k VR2
MSG Collection adds two original metal gear games
XBox Showcase to be shown in movie theatres
Summer Games Fest to launch

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Gamer Lawsuit against Microsoft deal suffers another blow
Microsoft appeals CWA decision
Blizzard fined over Diablo Immortal loot boxes
Streamer on what ruined overwatch 2, do you agree?
Blizzard using AI already
Everything Diablo 4 for next week

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Nintendo and Nekter join forces to make icecream flavors
Ubisoft Star Wars Game soon?
John Wick video game
Why are so many games launching broken on PC
New D&D Books to cost 20 more starting this year
Xbox elite series 2 open box controller discount
Best Buy Memorial day sales


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