S08E13: A State of Final Fantasy

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E13: A State of Final Fantasy


Gulvan and Joe discuss Super Mario Bros Movie, latest in the Microsoft/Activision Blizzard merger, Sony State of Play, and Nintendo’s own E3.

Super Mario Bros Movie Tops Warcraft ALREADY
Microsoft now advertising acquisition
US Senator wants to see Playstation’s unredacted deals
Microsoft responds to refiled gamer’s lawsuit
Blizzard to make massive changes due to player feedback
Overwatch 2 Support Hero gets buff soon
Greg Street leaves Riot, starts remote game studio to make MMO

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Sony’s State of Play, Special look at FF16
Video of Event
Sony Files Patent for Temperature Changing controller
Nintendo Announces in person event
Tears of Kingdon Final Trailer
Matt Mercer is Ganondorf
Hackathon footages shows windows 11 on steamdeck

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Elden Ring’s Miyazaki Named times 100 most influential of 2023
You’ll have to pay extra if you want the game in Elvish
EA Sports PGA Tour released
Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League pushed to 2024
SGDQ Announced!
Blizzard Spring Sale Until 4/17
Super mario theme in the Library of Congress


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