S07E38: Call of Money

Group Quest
Group Quest
S07E38: Call of Money


Gulvan and Joe discuss the recent Twitter news, Call of Duty’s massive first few days, PSVR2 launch details, EA + Marvel, and Marvel’s Snap.

Massive Layoffs Hit Twitter
Blizzard Files to Impound Ballots
XBOX want to revive Starcraft
Warcraft Twitter Makes Stories of Characters
MW2 Most Lucrative Launch Ever
Mei Icewall bug causes removal
Game Pass Trials with Subs on Twitch

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Netflix Acquires Spry Studio
EA & Marvel Agree to 3 Game Deal
PSVR2 Launch Info
11 New Titles for PSVR2
PSVR2 Ghostbusters VR
Japan PS5 Update

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Ubsifot Games Could be coming back to steam
AMD Radeon RX7000 Series
Sold out Physical Collectors
FF16 Info Update
oh snap vs friends
deals on gaming mice


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