The Idea Realized

Welcome to Group Quest, a new monthly podcast from All Things Azeroth and Dwight
Wallbridge Productions
. The idea behind this show is to bring together a few
members of the WoW community each month to discuss the biggest news stories,
hottest controversies, and most exciting theories in the World of Warcraft. This
is a podcast that has been months in the planning, from a All Things Azeroth
post show so long ago, to the name twitter-storming, all the way to this day
when the site is finally launching. I know this is a rough site, but I hope the
content will more than make up for it. The first episode of Group Quest will be
recorded on Saturday, May 30, 2009. Who will be there? It could be

If you want to get your name on the list of those who would like to
join the panel for the first, or an upcoming episode of Group Quest, this is
what we need from you. First, you need Skype. Once you have it, add the
AzerothPodcast account as a friend. Second, you need a mic and headphones, or a
decent headset. If your mic is crackly or low quality in pre show, we might need
to look for someone else, and we would hate to do that. If you are using
speakers, we will not be able to have you, because we will be able to hear an
echo, which will lower the quality.

Once you have both of these, send me
an email at and let me know 1. Who you are,
including a name you want to use on air, or real name. 2. Let us know where you
hail from, real life, in game, or both. In game, server, faction, guild and main
toon will suffice. 3. Typical days and times when you can be heard, get some
privacy, and not have to worry about an hour or two of your day being used up.
We would rather avoid losing someone to raiding, weddings, birthdays, or
detention if at all possible. Lastly 4. Your web site, if you have

My plan for most episodes is to confer with the chosen few for a
good date and time when all of us can get together on skype and chat. The plan
would be 30 minutes pre show, 1 hour show, and 30 minutes post show. If you
cannot make the pre show, we would need to arrange a time to ensure your mic can
be heard and comes across clear. If you have to cancel on us, please let us
know. I will do my best to have a couple of people able to sub in, but if I have
set up a group, I would like to go live with that group.

That’s about it
for this first entry to this here blog. If you have any comments, questions,
offers of logo or design services, or anything else, don’t hesitate to click
this handy email link and send an email my way. Take care, happy hunting and…
err, wait… I think I need a new closer… any ideas?

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