Episode 200 contests

Contest Quest 1: The Big 200 Contest!
To enter this contest, one must gather “supplies” for Group Quest. Send an email into the show (show@thegroupquest.com) with the following:

  • a list (with links) of 3 or more Warcraft or Blizzard blogs you read
  • a link to your favorite quest on WoWhead
  • a link to your character on the WoWarmory
  • a link to you linking to thegroupquest.com on a social media site, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc all are valid

Prizes- GRAND PRIZE: 2 $20 Blizzard Gift Codes, 2nd Place: a 60Day WoW Time Code, 3rd Place: a code for the pet of your choice from the Warcraft Store (More maybe added) – Winners Announced Episode 200

Contest Quest 2: Raiding the Halls of Power!

To enter contest one must defeat the following bosses and capture their likeness with

  • Ragnaros from Molten Core
  • Kael’thas from Tempest Keep
  • Blackhand during battle in Blackrock Foundry
  • Prize: Floating Spellbook & Landro’s Lichling (25 dollar total value)

Contest Quest 3: Winning by being there!

A random listener (not host or featured guest) will be picked from the chat room and will recieve a World of Warcraft Monopoly collector’s Edition

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