S09E15: Included Forever, For Now

Group Quest
Group Quest
S09E15: Included Forever, For Now


Gulvan and Joe discuss Blizzcon being cancelled, Tiktok being banned, Microsoft Sales dwindling, and the future of AR/VR.

Blizzcon Cancelled
Net Neutrality is back!
TikTok forced to devestment
Tarkov $250 Pay to Win Mode Ignites Community
Embracer Group Implodes, splits into 3 companies
Microsoft console Sales Plummets
Ex Lionhead Devs Announce New Game, Cancels New Game, and Layoffs

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Steam Changes Refund Policy
Manor Lords is out!
Animal Cross like “Tails of the Shire”
Switch 2 Claims Magnetic Joycons
Assassins Creed Hexe Report is more linear

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Garrys Mod DMCAd 20 years of content
SGDQ Game List 6/30 – 7/6
META OS opens up to 3rd Party Headset makers
META loses a billion per month on ARVR
Switch Online List


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