S09E11: Unlock This Title For $4.99

Group Quest
Group Quest
S09E11: Unlock This Title For $4.99


Gulvan and Joe discuss APEX Hacking scandal, Dragon Dogma’s Microtransactions, Larian’s next game, and more!

APEX Legends Postpones do to hacking
Blizzard Announces Plunderstorm a 60 player battle royale
Creator Plunderstorm Royale March 30th
DOJ vs Apple Complaint really bout Microsoft Antitrust
Palworld propsels Xbox to best ever month of console playtime
Steam Family Sharing System Update
Dragon’s Dogma 2 DLC
AI Generated Games in 10 years

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Marvel 1943
Star Wars Outlaws gets 19+ Rating in South Korea
Larian Not Done updating BG3
Larian’s Next Game will have different tone
Path of Exile 2 Beta Delayed until end of 2024
PSVR2 Paused

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Tails of Iron 2 Announced
150k Back in Stardew Valley for 1.6
Resident Evil Director Shinji Mikami Founds New Company
Mario Kart Live studio at risk of shutdown
another game animated show
Backbone Controller for Phone
Lego D&D Set Revealed


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