S09E10: No, Suyu

Group Quest
Group Quest
S09E10: No, Suyu


Gulvan and Joe discuss the Yuzu Replacement is out, Bobby K wants to buy TikTok, Valve and EPIC emails, Runescape Dev makes a new game, and Pokemon PopUp Signups.

Bobby K wants to buy TikTok
Yuzu resurrected as suyu
Summer Game Fest Streams Live on June 7
Legendary EPIC v Valve Exchange
Unreal Engine to introduce non-game pricing model in April
FF14 Begins Testing Cross Region Data Center Travel
WOW patch 10.2.6 Launches March 19 – what is it?
Palworld Update to included base management

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Backpack Battles New Steam Hit
Star Wars Battlefront Classic problems
Saber Confirms Titles still in Dev
Runescape Creators Reveal New Point and Click Adventure
Gameloft is making a DND Survival game
Sea of Stars is getting 3 player couch co-op
OW2 Back into E-sports
big update before the end (destny 2)

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Steam Spring Sale is LIve!
TMNT The Cowabunga Collection delisted in Japan
Former Stadia Exclusive Gylt now on nintendo switch
Akuma coming to Street Fighter 6 this spring
New Super Mario Bros Animated Movie for 2026
Pokemon Pop Up in London reservations live!


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