S09E40: Bobby Flayed

Group Quest
Group Quest
S09E40: Bobby Flayed


Gulvan and Joe discuss the fall of Bobby Kotick, Switch 2 in 2024, PS5 Pro maybe not, Tetris has been beaten, and a Playstation Plus membership discussion!

Bobby Kotick Gone
Overwatch 2 dev speaks out
Call of Duty Dev speaks out
Seasons of Discover fall off
Switch 2 this year!!
PS5 Pro Leak?
No PS5 Pro in 2024

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Tetris beaten
Steam Award Winners
Biggest Game Trends of 2023 hopefully not in 2024
Some Games of 2024
NCSoft Grants Licence to Private Server Community
Nexon Fined
Arcane Season 2 Trailer

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XBOX Toaster At Walmart
Modder is making pilotable mechs in starfield!
MTG Claims it did not use AI for art
Baldurs Gate Figurine preorder
Boomer Shooters now genre on steam
Jack black joins minecraft life action


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