S09E04: Palworld Layoffs

Group Quest
Group Quest
S09E04: Palworld Layoffs


Gulvan and Joe discuss the recent Microsoft Blizzard layoffs, Riot Layoffs, Palworld Hype, and Advent Children in the big screen!

AGDQ Ends Raises 2.5million
Apple App Store Rules Change
Microsoft Lays off 1900
Microsoft Cancels Blizzard Survival Game
Riot Lays off 530
Riot Responds
Black Forest Lays off 50
Outriders Studio lays off 30+

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Switch 2 News
Switch 2 “Should be easy”
Hitman Classic To Switch
Finally Vampire Suvivors / Among Us on switch!
Palworld Crosses 8million
Pokemon Issues Statement
Bloodborne Kart Scrub Branding After Sony Reachout

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Twitch Expands 100k Plus Program
Sony Accidentally Releases Ultra Wings 2 VR
Highwater Announced
Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition in March
FF7 Advent Children Complete comes to US Theaters for 2 days


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