S09E02: Dark Tech Winter

Group Quest
Group Quest
S09E02: Dark Tech Winter


Gulvan and Joe discuss massive tech layoffs, Twitch not profitable, AGDQ 2024 starts Sunday, FF17 New Director?, and more!

Unity Lays off 1800 employees
Discord lays off 170
Twitch Lays off 25% of Workforce
Twitch is not making money
Every Game Industry layoff in 2024
Activision Blizzard Games Not at XBox Developer Direct
Activision Blizzard Age Discrimination lawsuit

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AGDQ 2024 Starts!
Switch 2 Speculation
Video Games No Longer biggest entertainment in UK
Yoshida may step back for younger generation for FF17
Granblue Fantasy Relink Demo hits Playstation
Marvel Snap Secures additional funding

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New PS5 Dualsense with more battery online
Atari 400 Mini Announced
Do not buy 2nd hand 4090
Intel’s Battlemage GPU maybe 2024
Halo Season 2 Trailer


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