S08E34: Blood Cooled PC

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E34: Blood Cooled PC


Gulvan and Joe discuss the Diablo Blood PC, XBox and Playstation battle on the Vegas Sphere, Final Fantasy Fanfest Info, and more!

AMD removes Lag+
Gaming Companies Sitting on 45B cash hoard
Xbox and Playstation battle on Las Vegas sphere
Blizzard Put Real Blood in a PC
Free Diablo 4 timed trial on Xbox this weekend
Diablo takes down season 2 trailer due to mistakes
Playstation Slim leaks
Doug Bowser says Nintendo doesnt have union because job satisfaction

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FF16 crossover to FF14 coming soon
Next FF14 job revealed
Square to produce another FF play
Nintendo Accounts will “Ease” transition to next console
Twitch Rejects own CEOs partner application
Twitch launches stories feature
Twitch removes multi-stream rules
Gimli actor to reprise role for Return to Moria game
Assassins Creed Nexus VR breakdown

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New Vampire Survivors Update brings on the snow
Fallout x MTG is now live
Museum pulls partnership after “undesirable situation”
Netflix looking to license GTA title as it looks to get into “higher-end” gaming
Everything we know about GTA6 and potential release


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