S08E31: FTC Lawsuit [Undertaker Meme]

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E31: FTC Lawsuit [Undertaker Meme]


Gulvan and Joe discuss FTC Lawsuit coming back, Epic lays off 16% of his workforce, CS2 Launches, Metzen back at Warcraft, and Jim Ryan retires.

FTC to Revive Lawsuit
SAGA/AFTRA members vote Yes to strike
Epic Cuts 16% of workforce
CEO Message
Fall Guys Developer Studio “Decimated” by layoffs
Hearthstone Team suffers layoffs
CS2 Available Now

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GTA6 Teaser
Blizzcon Floorplan leaked
WOW 4 Chan Leak?
11.0 Expansion Story Datamined?
Chris Metzen is back!
Ransomware Groups says they hacked sony
Jim Ryan retires

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KOTOR Remake is slowly getting expunged from the internet
Cyberpunk 2077 promises to fix PS5 save issue
Pokemon Van Gogh Museum Collab Mess
AMD Frame Generation Tech Finally Arrived
Big Prime Day


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