S08E30: State of Direct

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E30: State of Direct


Gulvan and Joe discuss the Sony’s State of Play, the latest Nintendo Direct, Unity Announces Install Fee, the XBOX Mastercard launches, and RTO for Ubisoft Montreal.

Sony State of Play
State of Play Recap
Sephiroth will be fully playable
Everything at Ninendo Direct

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Unity Announces Install Fee
Unity CEO is former EA CEO
Unity closes offices due to threat by employee
XBOX Announces Mastercard
RTO order for Ubisoft Montreal
EU Antritrust seeking remedies for UK watchdog

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Blizzard Bans 250k Cheaters
New PS5 Metalic Covers
Hades 2 Early Access will launch early next year
New Cyberpunk Trailer
Pre-Order Warcraft Rumble


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