S08E28: Gamescom Recap

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E28: Gamescom Recap


Gulvan and Joe discuss the Futures Games Show and Opening night of Gamescom, all things Bethesda, and Microsoft’s need for new IPs & mobile gaming future.

Gamescom Future game show everything announced
opening night
Alan Wake 2 trailer shows live action use
Robocop Rogue City in November
Official Game Trailer Launch
It could take a long time to beat starfield

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Activision shares Gap higher on re-evaluation
Potential Delays with Act/Blizz on Gamepass
Xbox must have a mobile presences if they are going to thrive
Microsoft to sell off cloud gaming rights
Starfield to be “starting gun” for more first party titles
Bioware Lays off 50

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Starfield leaker charged with theft
next week
Baldurs Gate 3 to launch on xbox without split screen co-op
Next mario?
Todd Howard wishes hed been more casual with announcement
Fallout TV series sneak peak


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