S08E27: Worst Game of All Time

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E27: Worst Game of All Time


Gulvan and Joe discuss Overwatch 2 news, Twitch Viewership increases, THQ Digital, and Netflix controller app.

Overwatch 2 has moved on from Early Access
Overwatch 2 is now steams worst game of all time
RTO Claims Diablo4 Dev
Metro 2033 Author Sentenced to prision in Russia
Twitch Viewership is up?
Main Lesson from Baldur’s Gate 3
Far Cry has a new IP Director

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Stalker 2 launches in December
PSVR2 Tweet-X banned by UK Advertising Authority
Wrestlequest delayed
THQ Nordic Digital Showcase
South Park Snow Day
Titan Quest 2 is real!
Teaser Trailer for New TMNT Game

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Lets Build a Zoo DLC releases next week – Aquarium!
Netflix releases IOS Controller app for games on TV
GDQ All Women Event tomorrow
Mega Man Deal a Mega Sale
Own Quake 2 Vinyl soon


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