S08E26: Baldur’s Gate to EVO

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E26: Baldur’s Gate to EVO


Gulvan and Joe discuss Kai’s NYC escapades, Baldur’s Gate 3, Overwatch 2 PVE reveal, Playstation price drop, and more!

Kai Cenat Arrested after Twitch Giveaway
Evo 2023
Steam downloads broken due to Baldurs Gate 3 downloads
Baldur’s Gate second biggest launch of 2023
Madden Championship Series 2024 1.7m prize pool
Nintendo has record breaking quarter
Wii U Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon back online after 5 months

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Best Indie games at Bitsummit
Last of Us stars to host Future Games Show
Microsoft Exclusives at Gamescom
Devolver Digital delayed to 2024
Lenovo making its own handheld pc
Playstation price drop at Target
Best Buy Arcade 1 Up Cabinets
MK1 Beta Dates

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Death Stranding 2 Update
D4 hackers banned
Overwatch 2 goes full fortnite
Activision Blizzard Misplaces Transformer code
Hearthstone Expansion Release date
Mattel Influencer pays $$$
Pokemon presents 2023


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