S08E22: Nintendo Directly

Group Quest
S08E22: Nintendo Directly


Gulvan and Joe discuss the FTC v Microsoft Trial, the Nintendo Direct, Final Fantasy 16 review, and Diablo Season Pass debacle.

XBOX claims activision demanded larger revenue share
Diablo 4 Seasons require a new character
Infinite Loot Glitch
Xbox/Activision Blizzard FTC Trial
Playstation says deal not about exclusives
Final Fantasy 16 Launches
Voice actor
Twitch Announces Hype Chat

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Everything Shown at Nintendo Direct
Batman Arkham Knights
Luigi Mansion Dark Moon Visual Update
Pikman 4
Metal Gear Solid Collection
Vampire Survivors
Free to play game coming to Nintendo
Detective Pikachu
Star Ocean Second Story Remake
Super Mario RPG Remake – 11.17.2023
Super Mario Wonder Announced
Nintendo live
could e3 return next year?

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Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Game will be Xbox exclusive
Youtube Bringing instantly playable online games to youtube
MK1 scalpers auctioning off codes
Sonic Symphony World Tour Dates Announced
Prime Day Preview


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