S08E21: Money, Money, Money…Money

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E21: Money, Money, Money…Money


Gulvan and Joe discuss QXC joining Kick, Twitch changing their streaming payout split, the XBOX Showcase & Starfield preview, a new Star Wars game, and Star Ocean 2 Remake?

XQC leaves twitch for 2 year 100m non-exclusive
Twitch Changes revenue back to 70/30
FF16 Demo Available Now
Collectors Edition
Diablo 4 Campfire chat
Diablo 4 hits $666m
Whoopi Demands Refund
Overwatch 2
Two New Maps Disabled

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Xbox Showcase
Starfield 30 FPS on console
Todd Howard Interview
Star Wars Outlaws Preview
City Skylines 2 out in October
New Fable

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Rockstar Co-Founder New Studio
GBA Fire Emblem hits stores next week
Star ocean 2 remake leaked
Last of Us Haunted House
QVC Deal


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