S08E12: End of En Era

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E12: End of En Era


Gulvan and Joe discuss E3’s cancellation, GDC drugging allegations, Activision spies on workers, Bobby K v Netease comes to light, Diablo Xbox, Tears of the Kingdom Preorder, and more!

E3 Canceled, most likely for good
GDC Attendies Drugged
Activision Spied on workers amid union drive
Netease Breakup due to Bobby Kotick Feeling “Threatened”
Japan Approves Deal

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EA to lay off 6% workforce
Diablo Xbox Series X console
Most popular diablo 4 classes
D4 Largest in franchise with 62m hours played
xbox preorder
Zelda Map Sparks Fan Theories
Preorder Guide for Tears of Kingdom
nintendo Preorder
Target preorder available

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PSVR2 Sales Disappoint
steam to drop support for windows 7, 8, 8.1
Chat-GPT Writes Oblivion quests
Super Nintendo World Photo Tour
April 2023 games


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