S08E04: Blizzard Shuts Down in China

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E04: Blizzard Shuts Down in China


Gulvan and Joe discuss Blizzard ending in China, the deal is all but assured as Microsoft takes a victory lap, XBOX/Bethesda Showcase, and Last of Us Episode 1 is free on Youtube.

Blizzard Games Shut Down in China
Blizzard Beats Shareholder Lawsuit
Sony Boss Reportedly Met with EU Antritrust
Activision Blizzard analyst sees deal with Microsoft happening
Phil Spencer Activision Blizzard takeover response
Blizzard Manager Departs in Protest of Employee Ranking System

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Goldeneye is back!
Xbox & Bethesda Direct
forza delayed
Forspoken Launches
Twitch 2023 RoadMap Monetization

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Episode 1 of Last of Us on youtube for free
Last of Us gets renewed already!
Far Cry 7 and a Multiplayer Far Cry in the works at Ubisoft
Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay


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