S08E03: Foot in Hand in Mouth

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E03: Foot in Hand in Mouth


Gulvan and Joe discuss Microsoft laying of 10k workers, Overwatch entering collective bargining, Netease strikes back at Blizzard, Riot Changes LCS structure, and Gran Turismo 7 top downloads list.

Microsoft Lays off 10k
Overwatch League in Collective Bargaining
Netease Livestreams Destruction of Blizzard Offices
Preach at Blizzard

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Ubisoft confirms Project Q is cancelled
Ubisoft Paris Workers to Strike
Riot Lays off Staff
Riot Moves LCS Start time after fan backlash
Social Engineering Attack Hits Riot

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Marvel’s Avengers Ending Development
PSVR2 Launch Games Announcements
Nintendo Switch Producion Increase
GT7 Most Downloaded PS5 Game of 2022


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