S07E37: A New Top Twit

Group Quest
S07E37: A New Top Twit


Gulvan and Joe discuss Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase, Overwatch 2 Bundle shenanigans, PS5 a hit in Japan, and the end of Witcher?

Elon Musk Buys Twitter
People start clearing accounts
WOW Dragonflight Prepatch is live
Overwatch 2 Balance Coming Nov 15
Overwatch 2 Bundle Criticism
Hellena Taylor Controversy Takes a turn
Phil Spencer Says Deal is About Mobile

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XBOX GamePass Lags
Marvel Snap hits $2M
PS5 Hits 2 Million Consoles in Japan
Discord Coming to PS5

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EA Will Continue to Distrbute Physical Games
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Releases march 3!
Netflix Sonic Dec 15th
Fallout TV First Look
Nintendo Retro Controllers
Witcher Season 4 – Cavil leaves over direction


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