S07E36: A Bad Week For Activision

Group Quest
Group Quest
S07E36: A Bad Week For Activision


Gulvan and Joe the latest drama from Activision/Blizzard, WOW Dragonflight Prepatch, the International 11 scandal, Gotham Knights review, and a monster price for the PS5 Edge controller.

Dragonflight Prepatch launches Oct 25
WOW Animated Shorts Return
Microsoft Says Sony/Activision Deal keeps off game pass… for now
UK Calls on Public Comment for Microsoft Merger
Massive Shares Sold
Blizzard Testers OK to form Union
Union Busting by Activision Exec

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Bayonetta voice Actor urgert boycott
Diablo 4 Endgame Beta Testers Leaking Footage
International 11 Main Event
Soundproofing complaint filed after TI11 loss for Fnatic
Gotham Knights Review
System Requirements

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Xbox Ditches Phone Requirements fo Discord
Break the bank with the PS5 Edge controller
Some Uncharted Not Coming to PC
Crysis Remasters Releases Nov 17
Tracer Skin at Mcdonalds


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