S07E32: You Ok Twitch?

Group Quest
Group Quest
S07E32: You Ok Twitch?


Gulvan and Joe discuss the recent issues regarding Twitch – Gambling, revenue splits, and coverups – WoW Classic is launching Tuesday, and EVGA no longer making GPUs.

Twitch Streamer Slicker Scams $300k from viewers/streamers
Twitch Bans Gambling
Wired Article on Gambling
Twitch Cuts Revenue Shares with Streamers – Bleeding Money
Twitch SVP of Global Creators Leaves Company
But wait… there’s more!
Twitch Streamers caught in Sexual Assault Coverup
Call discussing coverup of Twitch’s Top Streamers (mostly OTK) Leaked

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Overwatch 2 New Hero – Kiriko
Origin Story
Wrath of the Lich King Rises again
Journey Trailer
CEO Satya Nadella of Microsoft believes acquisition will be approved

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G2 Esports Team CEO and Founder Steps down amid Andrew Tate controversy and Valorant bid rejection
EVGA No Longer Making NVIDIA GPU Cards, or GPUs period
NVIDIA responds calling out EVGA accusations
GTA 6 Leaker Arrested


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