S07E26: XBOX Cries Afoul

Group Quest
S07E26: XBOX Cries Afoul


Gulvan and Joe discuss some earnings reports, recap EVO 2022, discuss the Sony V. Microsoft claims, and Gamescom 2022.

EVO 2022 Recap
Blizzard Phone Game Scrapped?
Blizzard Uses Diablo 4 to counter unions
Overwatch 2 Lootbox Ending
Overwatch 2 Microtransaction Debacle
WOW Auction House Joins Companion App in 9.2.7 patch
RIP Travis Day

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Second Quarter Breakdown
EA Quarterly Results
Sony to Increase PS5
Microsoft Claims Sony Pays to Keep Games off XBOX
Microsoft to not make COD Exclusive

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Netflix Subscribers are not gaming
Gamescome Openight Night
Geoff Keighley Cool Surprises
Hiroyuki Kobayashi leaves capcom
XBOX Gamescom Lineup
Tokyo Game Show


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