S07E18: EA No More?

Group Quest
Group Quest
S07E18: EA No More?


Gulvan and Joe discuss more EA news, Playstation console rumors, Marvel Snap announcement, and Final Fantasy 7 news!

Marvel Snap Card Battler Announced
EA Almost Merged with Universal
Blizzard Lawsuit over Hearthstone packs
Blizzard Hiring Narrative Director
Warner Bros 2v2
Hands on preview

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Summer Showcase schedule
Biggest Games delayed to 2022
Playstation working on a destiny game
PS5 Stock might be getting better
Next Gen Chip PS6 In WorksF

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Infiltration banned from FGC events
No longer able to add funds to Wii 3ds to eshop on monday
FF7 Trademark
FF7 news next month!


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