S07E16: Warcraft Mobile

Group Quest
S07E16: Warcraft Mobile


Gulvan and Joe discuss Warcraft Mobile, Sony making a play for more IPs, Game Directors hired to top franchises, and NVIDIA being dirty.

Warcraft Arclight Announcement + Hands On
Dragonflight Pricing Survey
Raid Vendors Return
Overwatch PVP Beta Week 1 Update
Blizzard Hires Disney Veteran as New VP of Culture
Final Fantasy 16 trailer soon

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Square Enix Sells Tomb Raider IP
Sony Hiring Acquisitions manager
Cyberpunk Battle Royale by District 9 director
Hitman 3 Director leads Crysis 4

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Summer Games Date
Sonic 2 Highest Grossing Video Game Movie in US Markets
TennoCon Returns for Warframe in July
NVIDIA juicing profits off of backs of miners
Star Wars Day tons of collectibles!


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