S07E15: Cutscene 2 Brought to You By Coke Zero

Group Quest
S07E15: Cutscene 2 Brought to You By Coke Zero


Gulvan and Joe discuss the Overwatch 2 Beta, Activision Blizzard earnings report, New Mobile Warcraft Game, Final Fantasy 16 info, and Ads in games.

Overwatch 2 PVP Beta Launches
Mercy broken in Overwatch 2 Beta
Warcraft Mobile Game Reveal May 3
Activsion Blizzard Q1 Results
Blizzard Open to continuing classic into Cata
The interview of the century – Asmongold Interviews Ion Hazzakostas

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League of Legends MMO may not ship
FF14 RWF Has started!
FF16 nearing end of development
Nintendo Switch adds sega games
Sega to deslist classic sonic games
Xbox and Bethesda games Showcase Announced for June
Super Mario Bros Movie Delayed until 2023

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Ubisoft eyed as Acquisition target
Microsoft wants to add ADs to Free-To-Play titles
Sony to put ads INSIDE playstation games
Federal Judge Dimisses Sony Lawsuit
Poll Question on our takes


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