S07E08: A Handheld Delivery

Group Quest
Group Quest
S07E08: A Handheld Delivery


Gulvan and Joe discuss the game industry response to Russian attacks, Race for World First, Elden Ring launch, and Steam Deck releases.

Activision Blizzard Suspends Sales in Russia
Video Game Firms Cut Ties with Russia
Stalker 2 on hold
Liquid Guild World 1st Heroic
Pieces joins SK Gaming
Anduin Raid Finale Cinematic
Race for World 1st Starts March 8th
: Echo Promo
: Liquid Promo
: Method Promo
Slyvanas Book Preview
bobby steps down from coca-cola board
Brandon Snow Leaves Blizzard

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Farthest Frontier Announcement
Street Fighter 6 Announced
GTA V Upgrade Allows Story Transfer!
Phil Spencer Wants to Treat Developers better
Netflix Games Acquires Finnish developer

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Elden Ring Launches
Elden Ring 858k Steam Concurrent Players
Current players
Elden Ring Cloud Error
Steam Deck Launches
Linus Tech Tips Review
Gabe Newell Hand Delivers Steam Decks


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