S07E05: The Great Studio Arms Race

Group Quest
Group Quest
S07E05: The Great Studio Arms Race


Gulvan and Joe talk about Sony acquiring Bungie, GTA6 Announcement, WoW Cross Faction Raiding Announcement, and the Activision Blizzard Earnings Report.

Sony Acquires Bungie for 3.6 Billion
Why Sony bought Bungie
Did Sony Overpay?
Sony Announces Retention Program of 1.2 billion
Sony needs Multiplayer games
ABK and more information on Microsoft Deal
EA 4th Quarter Results

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Far Cry 6 Joseph Collapse DLC Release Date
Dying Light 2 – Stay Human Review
Dying Light 2 issues
Naughty Dog Hiring for 3 New projects
GTA 6 Officially Announced
Nintendo switch has outsold the WII
Its time for switch 2

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Seasons of Mastery – Blackwing Lair launching Feb 10
Blizzard goes after boosting communities / RMT advertising
Blizzard has updated policy
Changes to acquiring set pieces
Blizzard announces cross faction play
Ion explains why
Activision Blizzard Fourth Quarter Results, Wow Loses 3 Million Active Users in 3 Months
Announces new Warcraft Mobile experience
Overwatch 2 beta hits launcher


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