S07E02: Delays, On Pause, and Restarts

Group Quest
Group Quest
S07E02: Delays, On Pause, and Restarts


Gulvan and Joe discuss some the latest Activision Blizzard News, World of Warcraft updates, 9.2 release timeline, and God of War PC release.

AGDQ Live Now ends 1/15
LA Cops fired for ignoring robbery to catch a snorlax
Blizzard Leadership radio silence over requests to meet with striking workers
Xbox discusses Relationship with Activision Blizzard
Overwatch 2 Lego on pause

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2022 WoW Esports
Lead Quest Designer leaves
9.2 Release Date Guess: WoW patch 9.2 Release Date (GameWatcher estimation): Mid-February/Early March 2022
10.0 “Leak”
Final Fantasy Opens up more servers!!!
Final Fantasy 14 “coming back”

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God of War gets to PC
50k players online
God of War runs well on integrated graphics
PC vs PS4 performance
PC Gamer Review
30th Anniversay of Kirby and a new game release date
Stalker 2 Delayed
Voice NFTs


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