S06E36: The Ode of Bobby K

Group Quest
S06E36: The Ode of Bobby K

Gulvan and Joe discuss the bombshell Bobby Kotick article, what is next in the saga, some game releases, and Far Cry 6 Vaas release.

Jen Oneal bombshell letter to Blizzard Legal Team
WSJ Report on Bobby K
Support letter
Walk out at Blizzard HQ
over 1200 Employees sign petition
Playstation Chief responds
Microsoft reacts to Activision Blizzard
Girls who code drop Activison Blizzard partnership
World of Warcraft Warlock Tierset looks like KKK robes

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Rockstar Apologizes for GTA Trilogy Issues
Phil Spencer wants more backwards compatibility
Battlefield 2042 Review Bombed as reviews allowed on steam
Pokemon Diamon and Shining Pearl Releases
Fornite and Naruto Join forces in new content
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Far Cry 6 Vaas Is out!
Michael Mando Interview
Halo Infinite has gone gold
Halo Inifinite CoOp feature 2h2022
Scalebound’s Hideki Kamiya on 2019s cancellation
Sega releases…. colognes?? Perfect stocking stuffer!


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