S06E20: A New Reality

Group Quest
Group Quest
S06E20: A New Reality

Gulvan and Joe talk about the new Hearthstone Expansion, Diablo 4 Quarterly Update, and our thoughts on the new 9.1 patch in WoW!

Travels, Hasteur’s father, has reached out 1 year as his passing to see if anyone is wanting to a video tribute or add any messages to his Celestis memorial page. Please reach out to Travels or Gulvan and Joe via twitter to direct your remembrance messages.

Hearthstone Expansion Details!
Cosmetic Skins Coming to Hearthstone!

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Diablo 4 Dev Update shows up character customizations!
Diablo 2 Resurrected Open Beta in August!

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9.1 is live
Covenant legendary tuning
Class Tuning
Shards of Domination Tuning
Stygian Embers drop from trash and bosses in Raid
Soul Cinder Missions!
Maelie the Wander spawn rate increased
Garrosh’s Fate
Sylvannas vs Tyrande
Sylvanas Fate in Raid
Final Thoughts on 9.1 and story (plot hole?)


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