S05E19: A Top 10 2020 Year in Review

Group Quest
Group Quest
S05E19: A Top 10 2020 Year in Review

Gulvan and Joe talk about 2020 Blizzard News and give their Top 10 for the year!

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Joe’s Top 10+1 for 2020
11) Carbots Animation
10) Naxxramas Classic Release
9) End of Multiboxing
8) Activision Blizzard Esports Moves to Youtube
7) Dave Kosak leave Blizzard
6) Hearthstone Expansion releases
5) Blizzconline Announcement
4) Blizzard Employees Work from Home During Covid19
3) Passing of Influencers – Reckful & Hasteur
2) Shadowlands came out
1) Gamergate 2.0

Gulvan’s Top 10 for 2020
10) DOA & MonteCristo Leave Overwatch League
9) Blizzard cancels leagues due to Covid
8) Diablo 4 & Diablo Immortal Silence
7) Shadowlands Release Worldwide
6) Blizzard Workers Share Salaries/New Layoff Rumors
5) Dave Kosak leaves Blizzard
4) Activision Blizzard Moves to Youtube
3) Passing of Hasteur
2) Shadowlands Release Pushed Back
1) Starcraft 2 Ending Development


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