Group Quest
Group Quest


Gulvan and Joe discuss the FTC v Microsoft Trial latest, Valorant coming to consoles, a new Hearthstone expansion, and Switch 2 leaks.

FF16 has sold 3 million copies
Blizzcon Tickets Sale Info
FTC v Microsoft Recap
CEO Says activision exclusive games makes no sense
Xbox claims worldwide regulars on board, Canada Disagrees
Watchdog demands recusal of judge in case
Microsoft Feigns deal abandonment

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DayZ 2 in development
valorant to consoles
GTA6 May not be announced in 2023
Blizzard Announces Hearthstone Expansion
Warcraft Classic Hardcore?
Pokemon Go Developer lays off 200, cancels Marvel game
Bioware confirms layoffs
For laughs – 25th anniversary of hell in the cell

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Guild Wars 2 Expansion Answers questions
Steam is rejecting games with AI generated artwork
Playstation Announces Lebron James Accessories
Man Selling Retro Game store for 1 million
Samsung Odyssey G9 available
Playstation mid year sale


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