S09E07: End of Exclusives

Group Quest
Group Quest
S09E07: End of Exclusives


Gulvan and Joe discuss XBOX’s podcast reveal, Diablo 4 to Game Pass, Nintendo Switch 2 delayed, The DICE Awards Recap, and the latest Palworld news.

XBOX bringing four games to other platforms
Next XBOX will deliver largest technical leap
D4 to XBOX game pass
PS5 in later half of its life
Switch 2 Now Q1 2025?
Top Call of Duty Esports Player Sues Activision
why he left blizzard
EA College Football is back!

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DICE Awards
Full List
Binding of Isaac hackers
Ubisoft Works in France Strike
Rise of Ronin (Korea Version) Cancellation Rumors
Bandai Namco Cancels at least 5 games
From Software has acquired trademark from Bandai Namco
Palwords Community Manager says ok to take breaks
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Helldivers 2 is hosting a bonus xp weekend due to issues
No Mans Sky Omega Update Lets you play for free (maybe)
Granblue Fantasy Relink celebrates one million copies
Humble Bundle 70 Games for $20
Square Enix clarify account wide status
Pokemon London PopUp Store in April


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