S09E05: State of Layoffs

Group Quest
Group Quest
S09E05: State of Layoffs


Gulvan and Joe discuss the Activision Blizzard Esports Layoffs, Sony’s State of Play, Tencent’s D&D Purchase?, and Among Us Animated Series

new president for blizzard
Activision Blizzard Massive Esports Layoffs
Day Before Employees fined for making mistakes
Nexus mods bans pokemon based content for Palworld
Tencent in talks to buy D&D
Larian Boss Denies D&D to Tencent
XBOX President thinks Apples EU Store Plan is step in wrong direction
EA Mum on Switch 2

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State of Play
Death Stranding 2 Trailer is… uhhh
Kojima Announces new Stealth game
FF7 Exclusive State of Play next week
Demo rumored

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Mario vs Donkey Kong Demo on eShop
Citizen Sleeper 2 still has dev time left
Life by You delayed again
RTX 4080 Super releases at 1K
Last of Us Season 2 Adds Catherine OHara
Jim Carrey returns for Sonic 3
Among Us Teases Animated Series


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