S08E24: The Deal Is On

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E24: The Deal Is On


Gulvan and Joe discuss the FTC v Microsoft trial finale, SEGA Workers forming a union, Switch 2 Release date, and Retro games on XBOX.

Microsoft Wins vs FTC – The Deal is On
Hoeg Law Breakdown
Hoeg law update
Appeals Decision
Appeals Again
9th Circuit Rejects Appeal
CMA About Faces
CMA Extends Deadline
Sony Responds

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Sega of American Votes to form a union
Starfield & Indiana Jones Would Shift 10M copies on Playstation
1300 Retro Games coming to XBOX
Microsoft leaks Switch 2 release date
EA says Don’t Worry about the player faces in FC24

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Blizzard Vows to update statue
Anniversary Famicon
Nintendo Switch Price Reduction?
90% of classic games in danger
Gran Turismo Movie isnt a video game movie at all


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