S08E20: Summer Games Festering Demons

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E20: Summer Games Festering Demons


Gulvan and Joe discuss Diablo 4, Summer Games Fest, the conclusion to the Riot Walkout, the Nickmercs COD situation, and a Zelda movie?

Diablo IV Sets New Record for Fastest Selling Game of All Time at Blizzard
Login Issues plague D4
Whoopi Goldberg begs for Diablo 4 on Mac
Mostly played class
Your D4 Death could be eulogized by Megan Fox

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Summer Game Fest 2023
FF7 Rebirth is on 2 Discs!!

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Riot Walkout hamstrung by biggest player
LCS returns June 14
League of Legends inspired coke flavor
Activision pulls NICKMERCS skin from COD following anti lgbt comment
Legend of Zelda Film??
Street Fighter 6 Tournaments suspended due to online issue
PS5 Console a hit in the UK!


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