S08E11: Back from Hell

Group Quest
S08E11: Back from Hell


Gulvan and Joe discuss their Diablo 4 Beta experiences, CMA leads the path for Microsoft/Activision merger, CS2 announced, and Twitch lays off 400.

Diablo 4 Beta
Lack of Co-Op Explained
Beta affecting some GPUs
drop rates increased
CMA says deal won’t result in substantial lessing of competition400 employees
Microsoft says it wouldnt be able to sabotage call of duty
Microsoft Canceled Redfall’s PS5 Version after Bethesa Acquisition

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Counter Strike Source 2 launched
be warned of scams
Epic Unveils Unreal Engine for hellblade and fortnite
Fornite Map 2.0
Nintendo at Pax East, maybe more?
New Xbox already in the works

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Twitch CEO Resigns
Twitch lays off
Crash Team Rumble launch & beta news
LOTR: Gollum launching May
Aliens Dark Descent gets June Release


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