S08E01: Leeroy Jenkins for Speaker

Group Quest
Group Quest
S08E01: Leeroy Jenkins for Speaker


Gulvan and Joe discuss Leeroy Jenkins in congress, another Activision Blizzard company voting to unionize, current state of WOW, Netease branching out, and AGDQ starts!

Leeroy Jenkins style in Speaker of House Vote
Another Blizzard union Vote
Microsoft says FTC Violates the constitution by blocking acquisition
Echo Wins Third Consective RTWF title
Youtube Demonitization crackdown
WOW Voice Actor Passes away at 81

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Netease acquires studio
WOTC Cancels 5 games
Payday 3 Announcement Trailer
Metal Gear Solid producer says 2023 will be the year of announcements

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AGDQ Starts!
Founder Steps Down
Dwarf Fortress explodes with 500k sales
New Vive VR Headset
Project Leonardo Announced
Gran Turismo Movie Sneak Pea


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