S07E35: Mega Game Pass Bucks

Group Quest
Group Quest
S07E35: Mega Game Pass Bucks


Gulvan and Joe dicsuss the Twitch Foam Pit injuries, Activision Blizzard vs the UK, Xbox Game pass making big bucks, the first Stadia victim, and NVIDIA unlaunching their 4080 12gb card.

Twitchcon Foam Pit of Doom
Overwatch 2 25 million players in first 10 days
Xbox Game Pass Made over 2.9 Billion
Xbox calls playstation to big to fail
Activision Blizzard Sued again
Modern Warfare 2 Expansion

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League of Legends Worlds Live
First Victim of Stadia Shut Down
Meta Quest Pro
Facebook Legs Video was a Lie
Gotham Knights capped at 30FPS no performance mode
going multiplayer.

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NVIDIA unlaunches 4080 12GB
Star Trek Resurgence Pushed to 2023
Witchfires Early Access Delayed to 2023
Final Fantasy VII Battle Royal to shut down
Never before seen NES game up for auction


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