S07E27: No Pay to Diablo

Group Quest
Group Quest
S07E27: No Pay to Diablo


Gulvan and Joe discuss Diablo 4’s monetization plans, World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s release date leak, the Asmongold ban, and Final Fantasy’s struggles.

Asmongold Banned
Diablo 4 Monetization Leaked
Diablo 4 will not have loot boxes
Diablo 4 Seasons wont be pay to win (for now)
Blizzard Explains Account Merging for Overwatch 2
Warren Buffet Bets on Microsoft/Activision deal

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Dragonflight Timejump confirmed
Dragonflight Release Date Leak?
Deathstranding on Game Pass
Full Genesis Mini 2 Title List
Multiverse best selling game of July
New Tolkien Game Announced

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Final Fantasy struggling
KOTR Remake NOT delayed
Fallout TV Show Leaked
Metaverse Selfie debacle
Detroit Becomes Human Leslie Nielsen


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