S06E39: To Form A More Perfect Union

Group Quest
Group Quest
S06E39: To Form A More Perfect Union

Gulvan and Joe discuss Final Fantasy 14 release, 9.2 Cinematic, Blizzard Unions, and recap the Game Awards.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Launches!
Terrible queue experience for early access
Queue times still present
Silvanas 9.2 Cinimatic
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Blizzard Strike and Union Start
Link to their gofundme
Exec sends letter to staff discouraging unionizing
Manager “Training” aka union busting
Starbucks union

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Geoff Keighley opens weirdly
Advisory board ties
Game Awards Recap
Pick recap
Matrix Neo & Unreal Engine 5
Sonic Frontiers
New Star Trek Game
New Star Wars Game
Any other games missed


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